Mice Are Destructive Because They Have to Be

Mice are destructive rodents. They chew on everything – boxes, shoes, furniture, electrical wires – and that destructive nature is what makes them pests. Yes, they carry disease. Yes, they are “gross.” But it is their chewing behaviors that represent a very real problem for properties in the Roseville region.

But it’s not entirely their fault. They’re not destructive because they want to be. They are destructive because their teeth quite literally keep growing.

How Mice Keep Their Teeth Short

Mice chew as their way to keep their teeth short. The destruction that they are causing is because if they do not gnaw on things, their teeth will grow in excess, sharper, larger, and ultimately throw all of their teeth and bite out of alignment. Should this continue for too long, they will have trouble eating and potentially starve.

The solution?

Chewing. They chew on anything they can, helping to constantly grind down their teeth so that it always remains the perfect length. This is why they chew on everything around your home – including electrical wires – and why it is so important for homeowners to eliminate and prevent mice and rodents, because the longer they are on your property, the more at risk your property becomes.

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