How to Prevent Pests in Roseville with Exclusion

There are many reasons not to want pests in your home. They can be dangerous if they sting, bite, or drop bacteria around your living space. It is generally uncomfortable knowing that you are sharing your home with crawling bugs. Getting rid of pests effectively often takes some time and cost, especially if the infestation has grown.

This makes prevention the most effective method of Roseville pest control. Instead of waiting to see a bug and then hiring a pest control company, exclusion makes it possible to keep pests out before they appear. Once homeowners understand how exclusion works, many use DIY work to implement pest protection around their homes.

What is Exclusion?

The average home is not impenetrable. At least, not to small animals like mice and insects that might be less than an inch big. Little gaps, cracks, and openings can develop over time due to natural aging of structures. Especially for homes in the Roseville area built a few decades ago, there may be several potential entry points for pests.

Exclusion is the process of patching these holes, usually using solutions like cement, caulking, or wire mesh depending on where the hole is and its size. For entrances in other areas, such as around vents, specially designed covers may be used. Holes caused by more extensive damage can require dedicated repairs.

When exclusion is complete, it should be physically impossible for most pests to enter your home unless a door or window is open. Some especially small pests can fit through cracks that are almost invisible to the naked eye, but mice, rats, and larger pests will have a difficult time finding an entrance.

Making a Plan for Excluding Your Home

With a bit of time, effort, and some handyman skills, homeowners can use exclusion in their own homes. The right way to begin is with an inspection. You’ll want to pay special attention to the foundation of your home and the area around the roof, but examine the entire property carefully and make note of any openings ¼” or larger. These can include:

  • Cracks in the Foundation
  • Holes Around Pipes
  • Gaps Around Door Frames
  • Torn Window Screens 
  • Open Chimneys
  • Unprotected Vents
  • Spaces in Soffits, Fascia, and Eaves

Seal up these spaces with the appropriate construction material and make any needed repairs. Continual monitoring over time can catch any additional areas in need of exclusion in the future, ensuring that your home is always protected against pests.

Although it is possible to perform exclusion yourself, relying on a professional pest management company offers several benefits. At ADAPT Pest Control, our experience with local Roseville pests means we can find risk areas that might be missed, guaranteeing thorough protection of your home. If you are still dealing with pests after DIY exclusion or are looking for someone to manage the entire process, give us a call today.

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